Frontwave Cloud - Version Release Notes

v806.0 (Release Date: 16 Oct 2020)

1. Customer Contact. Life Span filter and display. Changed to Days.

2. Customer Contact. Option to separate Postal Code from Address when export to Excel.

...Setting is at web report General Settings.

3. Sales...Added Discount Preset buttons. Up to 20 buttons.

4. User Access...New user access control of "Discount Edit Rights".

5. Health Records...Add button to print customer health records

6. Customer... Show latest records first at Customer Transaction History, SpecRX and CLS RX screen

7. Receive Order...Add a new "Add Supplier" button.

8. Receive Order...Add ability to select multiple records to edit cost price and quantity.

9. Various bug fixes and system optimization.


v805.0 (Release Date: 13 Mar 2020)

1. View Uncollected Orders. Added column "Manual Receipt No.". Keyword search-able.

2. Customer Spec RX. Added Spectacle Purchase button. Clicking it will bring user directly to spectacle purchase screen with the customer name filled in.

3. Customer CLS RX. Added Contact Lens Purchase button. Clicking it will bring user directly to contact lens purchase screen with the customer name filled in.

4. Pages with Import function. Added button to allow download of template used for import.

5. Patient Recall List. Added Reason column.

6. Receive Order. Added button to Add New Supplier.

7. X Report changed to have same fields as Z Report.

8. Customer Record, Free Text search. Added search on only NAME, MOBILE and ALL OTHER FIELDS checkboxes. Default checked is Name & Mobile. 7 Areas have this new feature.

9. Spectacle/Contact Lens Purchase. Remarks can only input 1x line break (ENTER key once).


v804.0 (Release Date: 07 Feb 2020)

1. Customer Record results page. When click BACK from customer record details, system will now display previously searched records without reloading from server. This is to ensure a faster load time. User can re-search or refresh the browser page to see updated information.

2. Customer Record search page will start from blank when navigated to from any other pages except customer record related page.

3. Customer Record related page. Added drop down links to access various customer record related pages.

4. In Singapore Country Setting. IC No. will not be printed at the following print out:

- All types of Spec RX.

- All types of CLS RX.

- Order Form

- Lab Order Form

- Collection Slip

- Tax Invoice

- Payment Top-Up

5. Spectacle Purchase. Maximum number of Misc Items selection is reduced to 7.

6. Customer Record page. Max records display per page change to 20.


v803.0 (Released Date: 30 Dec 2019)

1. Spec/CLS Purchase. Can select a Misc Item to edit its description and amount.

2. Receive Order. Added Save & Next function at Add New Inventory screen.

3. Prompt confirmation message when user trying to add customer with the same name that was created in less than 5 minutes.

4. Inventory item keyword search throughout the system.

...Will display max number of records based on what being set.

...Setting is at web report > Settings > General.

...Must input a minimum of 3 characters in order to proceed with the search.

5. Max 1 year of date filter selection for the following reports:

...Sales Transaction

...Order & Collection Summary

...Receive Order History

...Transfer History

...Sales Summary by Product

...Uncollected Order

6. Uncollected Order. Default date filter to 1 week.


v801.0 (Released Date: 21 Jun 2019)

1. Transfer Stock. Added Approved By selection.