Frontwave Cloud vs PC Installed Program

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

On the cloud, you can access your business literally anytime, anywhere with any web browser from PC, Phone or Tablet. No installation required!

Grow as opportunities arise

Simply subscribe to additional features or new branch accounts as your business grows. Likewise, you have the flexibility to scale down as and when you like!

Data Backup - Peace of Mind

Frontwave Cloud ensures your data is safe no matter what happens at your store.

Save more time, No down-time

No down-time during version upgrades as it all happens behind the curtain!

Free Software maintenance & support

Keep your software up to date so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Data Security

Protect against data theft. With no physical database on-site at your store, there is no way your precious data can be taken away to work against you!

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1. Need to install program in PC.
2. PC need to meet min. requirements.

1. High Upfront one-time payment.
2. What is paid is gone.

Chances of data loss. Even if it's backed up on-site, a flood, fire, theft or data corruption could destroy the computers and backups.

System cannot be used during version Upgrade which is usually during standard retail working hours.

Additional cost for Software Maintenance.

Anyone can make a copy of your data if they have access to your PC.

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