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Luxottica Stars & Visual Optical RMS - Hollywood Optometry, Malaysia

May 2017

About Hollywood Optometry

Established in 2010, Hollywood is growing business who prides themselves in providing the best for their customers. Hollywood Optometry provides optical services that cater to every need from innovative prescription lenses to everyday contact lenses. Using highly advanced equipment, qualified eyecare practitioners will assist and recommend the best possible optical solutions. With Hollywood optometry, every eye is unique and will be treated as such.


STARS program is a new programme introduced to Asia in early 2014 that focuses on using information to drive inventory and sales management. The idea is to improve productivity of the retail stores and keep fresh assortments on display too. Since 2015, Hollywood Optometry joined the STARS programme and has since benefitted from it tremendously.

Criteria. To run STARS, Hollywood foresee a few challenges with their current system.

1. Stock upkeep – stock on hand to be readily available for quarterly recall

2. Stock creation – certain stock creation standards is required

3. Sell out data – sell out data to be automatically captured


​With more than 10 years of optical retail management experience on hand, Luxottica and Frontwave entered a partnership to manage the front-end portion of STARS. Since 2015, this idea became a success and was successfully implemented in Singapore. As such, Luxottica recommended Frontwave to Hollywood and began running STARS in the most effective way possible.


With the implementation of Frontwave and STARS, both operational and marketing segments were duly taken care off, leaving Mr. Han (founder of Hollywood Optometrist) to focus on building other aspects of his business. The integration done between Frontwave and STARS was done seamlessly and implementation took next to no effort to the users at all. All invoices are automatically downloaded into Frontwave which saves a lot of time and all sell out data required to run STARS is automatically captured and sent to Luxottica’s system. This partnership became one that will continue to bring success to the optical retail industry

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