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VISUAL OPTICAL RMS (EOS End-Of-Support since 31 Dec 2021)

Asia’s leading brand in Optical Retail Software

Visual Optical RMS is proven to be the most complete business solution for small & medium optical retail to large optical chain stores. From inventory management, sales transactions to customer relationship management, it is designed for ease of learning and use to maximize optical retail sales and control while minimizing operation efforts.

Visual Optical RMS is, without a doubt, the best software ever designed for the optical retail environment. Besides being user-friendly, the objective is to strike a balance between flexibility and control, yet not be over-complicated which often affects usability.


With more than 1,000 Optical shops installed across Asia, Visual Optical RMS is PROVEN!

A Complete Solution for Optical Retail Stores

A common problem faced by optical retailers is that they strenuously try to fit their daily operations into a general POS system. Results have shown that this is not efficient because standard POS features are not designed to meet the requirements of an optical shop.

The features in Visual Optical RMS are designed specially for the optical business flow. With the Customer Management module, it replaces the conventional method of searching through piles of customer record cards. Secondly, with all information entered during a spectacle purchase, order forms and customer collection slips are generated to replace the conventional receipt books. With the additional SMS feature, you can send SMS reminders to your customers when their spectacles are ready for collection!

Besides providing features required by optical retailers, Visual Optical RMS provides great analytical reports to support your marketing strategies. It also gives you an insight of your customers spending habits and identifies the market trend. With our Customer Contact feature, it has proved to boost sales by targeting the right audience. And YES, you can send SMS to them at the click of a button!

Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration to find out more about Visual Optical RMS.

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