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2003 Frontwave was founded. It was then a 2-man company.

2004 Visual Optical RMS was developed and marketed to optical shops in Singapore, followed by Malaysia.

2007 Visual Optical RMS is Singapore's No.1 Optical Retail Software

2008 Frontwave Reseller Channel Partner plan was initiated. Malaysia Reseller Partner was established to provide pre-sales, implementation and after-sales service.

2010 Frontwave Reseller business plan was successful and expanding to other Asia countries.

2011 Frontwave iPad Module was launched. Visual Optical RMS is used by more than 1,000 optical stores in 14 countries.

2014 Partner with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to create an integrated supplier system to allow retailers to place orders for contact lenses, improving operational efficiency.

2015 Collaboration between Luxottica and Frontwave; the Frontwave system has been enhanced to facilitate the auto replenishment feature of the STARS Program. Frontwave is the appointed IT Partner for STARS program in Asia Pacific.

2017 Frontwave Cloud is launched. Eyewear-Direct-System rolled out, starting from Singapore.

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